What’s Your Design Style?

What’s your design style?

At Textile Mill End shop, we have THOUSANDS of options for your home, perfect for any style. Our designer showroom hosts all of the latest designer wallpapers, fabrics, and trims. Our warehouse has similar top-quality designer goods at amazing deals. No matter your budget or style, Textile Mill End Shop can help you out!

All images in this post courtesy of Thibault, one of our favorite designer vendors! You can shop all of these looks in our designer showroom.



Thibault Neutral

You don’t like lots of bright colors – you prefer to have a calming space layered with lots of lush textures. You like to keep colors to a minimum, opting instead for soft shades of grey, taupe, and cream.


Thibault Classic

You prefer a traditional and timeless look in your home: oriental rugs, antique furniture and accessories, and classic lines. You’re not afraid of a great print, but you’d rather have a more traditional or historic one over a bright graphic one.



Afraid of color? Not you! You’re happy to mix bright shades and bold prints together, creating a unique and eclectic look in your home. You get bored of whites and grays, and want your home to have as much personality as you do!


Artisan-Rio2 (1)

You like a mix of traditional and contemporary, old and new. Think grandma’s antique table mixed with a bold turquoise ceramic lamp and a great wallpaper, like in this photo.


Biscayne-Bahamas (1)

You live by the beach – or you wish that you did! You like to mix whites, blues, and corals together, and love a great nautical print or wallpaper.



No fussy furniture for you! You like clean lines and graphic prints. You like a lot of white, paired with a bold pop of color like black or bright yellow.

What’s your favorite style? Come into Textile Mill End Shop to find out!



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