Unique Ways to Use Wallpaper

We love wallpaper – we offer thousands of wallpaper designs in our designer showroom here in East Islip!

But sometimes our customers don’t want to do a whole room of wallpaper. So, we’re sharing some unique, inexpensive ways to use wallpaper in your home, without breaking the bank!

Use it Behind Shelves

WP Behind Shelves TMES

Get a few rolls of wallpaper, and put them behind open shelves – it’s a great way to add an interesting pattern or color without overwhelming your space.

Use it on the Ceiling

Ceiling Wallpaper Home Adore

If you have a room with a ton of cabinetry and very little wall space (think kitchen or pantry), using wallpaper can be hard. Unless you put it on the ceiling! This is a fun way to makes your room more exciting. No more boring white ceilings!

Use it as an Accent

Jones Design Company wallpaper acent wall

Jones Design Company wallpapered this wall in front of the stairs – it’s a perfect focal point for their entryway.

Use it on your Dresser

Wallpaper drawers

A fun little peekaboo when you open your drawers every day – and this is a fun project to try with kids!

Want to see our full wallpaper offerings? Stop by our designer showroom today!



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