Shop Chic Tropical Outdoor Fabric at Textile Mill End Shop



Gone are the days when your only outdoor fabric options where safari khaki and olive green. A whole wide world of gorgeous outdoor fabrics is out there!

Textile Mill End Shop’s warehouse is at the cutting edge of trendy designer fabrics that you can normally only find in designer-only showrooms – that’s because those fabric companies sell us their extra stock at a huge discount. We take their chic, on-trend fabrics into our warehouse and pass the savings on to you! That’s how we’re able to offer designer fabrics for up to 80% off.

With warm weather on its way, we’ve been getting lots of shipments of fantastic outdoor fabrics, like the chic banana print fabric pictured above. However, when our warehouse fabrics are gone, they’re gone! So stop in today to see what we have in the warehouse to suit your stylish patio needs – and click here to get your 20% off coupon! 
Don’t see what you’re looking for in the warehouse? Our Designer Showroom, which is right next door, has THOUSANDS of the latest designer fabrics for you. Stop into Textile Mill End Shop Today!


Photo credit: banana print fabric courtesy of Textile Mill End Shop; bathroom image courtesy of Domaine Home; banana print wallpaper courtesy of


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