What to Do With ONE Yard of Fabric?

You don’t need to be an interior decorator or a crafting expert to have fun with fabric.

At Textile Mill End Shop we offer THOUSANDS of fabrics – from fine designer fabrics in our showroom to amazingly-priced options in our warehouse.

We sometimes get asked, “What do I DO with this fabric once I buy it?” We’re gonna tell you how to do amazing things with just ONE yard of fabric!

  • MAKE A PILLOW: for most regular 18-20″ throw pillows, you only need one yard of fabric. Our warehouse prices are so good that you can feel confident experimenting with a fabric that’s exciting and fun without spending tons of money. We can even make the pillow for you if you’d like!
  • MAKE A TABLE RUNNER – OR TWO: If you have a small console table or desk (30″ length or shorter) you can create a table runner – or two -with one yard of fabric. To make one, simply hem the fabric. To make two, cut it in half and hem each piece.
  • CUT INTO QUILTING SQUARES: if you find a really fun fabric at our shop, you can cut it into quilting squares to really jazz up your next quilt!
  • MAKE TABLE NAPKINS: If you’re having a fun dinner party, you can purchase a yard of fabric at Textile Mill End Shop and create a number of gorgeous custom table linens with it. Simply cut to size and hem.
  • TURN IT INTO WALL ART: Stretch the fabric around a canvas and staple it in place. You can then hang it on the wall as a piece of textile art!

If you need some more ideas, stop into the Textile Mill End Shop today and ask us for help!


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