A Rainbow of Stain-Resistant Fabrics for Your Home

Do you see that gorgeous array of colors? That’s just a fraction of the new colors available in our new stain-resistant velvet! It resists almost any spill, and is perfect for homes with kids, pets, or messy husbands!


In the dining room:

  • As draperies – luxe enough for your dining room, lightweight enough for draperies!
  • On dining chairs – if your guests spill, no big deal!

In the family room:

  • On your sofa – it resists crumbs, spills, and stains!
  • On your cocktail table ottoman – feet off the ottoman, but no worries if someone forgets! Just wipe that dirt right off!

In the bedroom:

  • On your headboard – no more stains!
  • On a cozy armchair – relax with a glass of wine!

If your little one spills milk and cookie crumbs on your sofa, just brush off the crumbs and wipe up the milk with a damp cloth. If your mother-in-law trips and drops wine on your dining chair, just wipe it up!

Stop into the Textile Mill End Shop and our friendly design consultants are happy to help you choose the best performance velvet for your home!

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