Our Exclusive In-Home Design Service

Sometimes, decorating your home can feel overwhelming. First, you need to decide what you want – curtains? Shades? A valance? What type of curtains? What rod? There are SO many options out there! Then, you need to pick a fabric – there are thousands of fabrics and colors! Then, you have to measure for whatever you decide! How do you even measure for these things? It could give anyone a headache!

The good news is that Textile Mill End Shop is here for you! We have a full staff of design consultants that not only have great flair for design, but have the technical know-how to help you figure out how to decorate that oddly-shaped window or large room. They also help you choose the best fabric and trim, whether it’s a gorgeous designer selection from our Showroom, or a beautiful fabric on major sale from our Warehouse.

The best part is that we offer in-home design services. Once you select your fabric and place your order and deposit, we will measure for you – for free. You don’t have to pull out your tape measure or worry about whether or not that extra 5/8″ counts or not.

We would love to meet with you – please stop in our East Islip location today to say hello and get your decorating project started!

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