Sheer Genius: 5 Brilliant Ways to Use Sheers in Your Home


Many of our customers at the Textile Mill End Shop in East Islip come in the shop asking about sheers. We love the look of sheers in a home: there are many versatile ways to use them, from traditional to contemporary, and everything in between!

Sheers are pretty much exactly what they sound like – sheer fabric! Sheers are a beautiful way to diffuse the light while offering a little bit privacy. They come in many different colors, and some even have embellishments like embroidery or beading.

Below are 5 Brilliant Ways to Use Sheers in Your Home:

  1. ON THEIR OWN: If you aren’t looking for a lot of privacy, you can use sheers on their own to diffuse the light in your space. They provide a little bit of privacy  and a lot of style. This is a very contemporary way to use sheers. We love the look of voluminous, double-width sheers framing a gorgeous floor-to-ceiling window.
  2. ON A CANOPY: Sheers look very romantic on an iron canopy bed. It’s a nice way to avoid your canopy bed being “naked,” while also not covering it with heavy drapes.
  3. LAYERED WITH DRAPES: This is the classic way to use sheers. We would recommend a double-hung rod. The drapes would go on the front rod, with the sheers on the back rod. When sheers are layered with drapes, you’re able to pull the drapes open while the sheers remain closed. It also adds a lovely layered look to your home decor.
  4. ON DOORS AND SIDELIGHTS: Sometimes customers’ front doors or sidelights have lots of glass on them, and they feel that they need some privacy. We can take sheers and hang them on rods above and below the glass, bunching the sheers. This allows light to come through while making sure that whomever is ringing the doorbell can’t peek right into your living space!
  5. AS A SHADE: You can certainly use sheers as a shade. We would recommend that it be a stationary shade, and that you use a very good workroom (like ours!) that will sew the delicate sheer fabric without tearing it. Sheers with a more open casement like a burlap-style texture might not be the best option for shades.

Other things to know about sheers:

  • We have some very affordable sheers! This pretty window dressing doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.
  • We also have machine washable sheers.
  • Many sheers come in “double-width.” This means that instead of the standard 54″ wide of many fabrics, sheers are 118″-120″ or even wider. Why is this? So your workroom can avoid seaming them! Therefore, you don’t see a long seam running down your delicate sheers. 

Want to learn more about sheers, or are you ready to stop in to pick some out for your living space? Stop in our warehouse or our designer showroom on Long Island  today!

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