Choosing the Right Fabric for Reupholstery

Reupholstery Yardage Chart
Image via House Beautiful Magazine


Your beloved old antique chair is looking ratty, but its bones are in good shape. What’s a savvy home decorating lover to do?? Luckily, the Textile Mill End Shop is here for all your reupholstery and home decorating needs.

When choosing the right fabric to use for reupholstery, you need to know 

about the different fabric qualities. A very light cotton wouldn’t be suitable for a cozy chair you’ll be curling up to read in every evening. A heavy fabric won’t drape well on a bench or sofa skirt.

Our design consultants are available to help you choose the best fabric, whether you’re shopping in our fabric warehouse or our designer fabric showroom.

For heavily-used upholstery pieces like family room sofas:   You’ll need to select a fabric with good durability and a tighter weave. Our design consultants can help you find a fabric with a high durability rating and a tight enough weave to avoid fabric slippage.

If you’re concerned about stains for dining room chairs or kids’ rooms:  We can help you find an indoor-outdoor fabric. These come in many stylish colors and patterns, and are easy to clean, with great durability ratings. Indoor-outdoor fabrics used to have a reputation for being stiff and heavy, but now they come in a range of fabric types – even velvets and chenilles!

For accent chairs: If you fall in love with a lighter-weight fabric, you may be able to use it on a lightly-used piece like a side chair or bench. Our design consultants will guide you through the best way to use this fabric so it will last.

If you want skirting or other decorative elements: A linen would be good here, as opposed to a heavier canvas or duck cloth. Linen drapes beautifully on a sofa skirt, especially if well-lined.

For throw pillows: You can use virtually any fabric on throw pillows, but be mindful of where it will be in your house. We wouldn’t recommend putting an expensive fabric or one with delicate touches (like beading or embroidery) in a kids’ room, for example.

Are you ready to find fabric to reupholster your favorite chair or sofa in? Come into our Long Island showroom for the best discount designer fabrics!



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