You Walk Into the Textile Mill End Shop – What Next?

So you’ve decided to make the trip to East Islip to shop at our fabric warehouse or designer showroom. What next?

If you’re on the Fabric Warehouse side, you can look around and find the best fabrics at the lowest prices. One of our design consultants there will help answer any questions you have about the use of the fabric, availability, etc. When you’re ready to order, they will measure and cut it for you.

If you’re on the Designer Showroom side, there’s a whole lot more in store for you! We have thousands of fabric books, wallpaper books, fabric samples, and trim samples. If it gets a little overwhelming, don’t worry! Our expert design consultants are available to help you out. Our design consultants are friendly, helpful, and all have a great sense of design. We take great pride in having a friendly and knowledgable staff!

Starting from the top with owners Tom and Cindy Finlay, all of our employees have a sharp design sense, expert knowledge of textiles and upholstery, and most importantly, are NICE!
We get it- no one wants to work with snobby salespeople, or ones who don’t know a chintz from a corduroy. That’s why we hand-select the best design consultants to work with us at both our Designer showroom and warehouse. We want you to come in and not only fall in love with our gorgeous fabrics, wallpapers and trims and our incredible pricing; we want you to enjoy working with your design consultant, too! Decorating your home should be fun, and our staff helps keep it that way.

Stop by our showroom today, or give us a call at 631-517-3300. 



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